GoDaddy vs. DomainRacer: Which Hosting Provider Is Better?

Imagine developing and designing a website with every amazing feature and content available but not having anyone see or visit the website. Of course, no one will want to waste time and effort on such futile activity. Well, the visibility of your website to others depends on the web hosting, and it is a relevant part of your website that must never be missing or ineffective.

Since web hosting service plays a pivotal role in the success of your website, you must choose the right web hosting service provider to ensure that your website is always available on the internet. GoDaddy and DomainRacer are two well-known and reliable web hosting service providers available today.

What are the features of the two hosts? Which one is better between, GoDaddy vs. DomainRacer? How much do their web hosting services cost? This thorough comparison of GoDaddy and DomainRacer provides the answers to these and many other questions.

An Overview Of Each Hosting Provider

We start off by providing basic details about these two hosting providers.

GoDaddy is undoubtedly the biggest and most popular registrar for domain names. In addition, this company provides top-notch, extensive web hosting services to various small businesses and individuals. It faces stiff competition in both categories but has stood the test of time.

DomainRacer is one of the more prominent and reliable companies regarding domains and web hosting services. The major selling point of these companies is their cheapness. With the help of DomainRacer, large, medium, and small businesses and individuals can enjoy hosting services that do not cost them an arm and a leg. Its control panel and interface have made it easy for every individual or business to manage its online presence in an effective and result-oriented way.

GoDaddy vs. DomainRacer: Features

Basic features

GoDaddy – When you are hosting your website on GoDaddy, some of the fantastic features you can look forward to include:

  • Over 1,000 themes can be used for awesome customizations.
  • Free SSL certificate for a whole year with several business features
  • You can back up your data each day without paying any extra charges.
  • A variety of plugins that help increase the functionality of your website.
  • The platform supports hosting an unlimited number of websites and databases.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for all users. This ensures that there is no restriction on the number of users visiting your website.

DomainRacer – This host provides more useful and must-have features than GoDaddy. These features are:

  • Unlimited hosting of your website and database
  • Free Domain for all users. This is available on .com and .in
  • Free email accounts, Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate, Cloudflare CDN, and FTP
  • LiteSpeed technology makes it 20 times faster than most of its competition
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth for users based on their plans

User interface

The user interface of any web hosting service provider refers to the control panel called cPanel. Both hosts provide a top-notch cPanel, making it easy for users to manage their website and enjoy other tremendous benefits. The cPanel of both GoDaddy and DomainRacer has many features, such as several one-click installers. So, users can easily and quickly install scripts such as Magento, Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. Both providers have intuitive and simple control panels that make it easier for users to make changes to the backend of their websites without much hassle.

Hosting packages

GoDaddy gives its users a chance to choose from four shared hosting packages: Starter, Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate plans.

Each plan offers a specific benefit and can be bought at different prices.

Just like GoDaddy, DomainRacer has 4 different shared hosting plans, which are priced based on the number and importance of their features. The shared hosting plans of DomainRacer are Basic, Personal, Silver, and Advanced.

Data migration

GoDaddy does not provide any data migration services. So, if you have used a hosting service before and want to migrate to GoDaddy, you must do it yourself. However, site migration requires lots of experience, expertise, and time. Therefore, unless you are an experienced site developer, you will have no option but to hire someone for this service or seek online resources to assist you.

DomainRacer offers migration services from any other hosts to their own platform. Moving to a more secure and reliable hosting service can make things easy for you.

GoDaddy vs. DomainRacer: Performance and Speed


Uptime is the amount of time that your website is readily accessible to visitors. Generally, your web host must have a high uptime to ensure that visitors do not have issues accessing your website anytime.

GoDaddy has 99% hosting uptime which is quite impressive. However, it is still beaten slightly by DomainRacer, which has a hosting uptime of 99.99%. In other words, when using DomainRacer, you are guaranteed that your website will be almost accessible every second. Basically, you can hardly find any web hosting service provider that comes close to this fantastic uptime.

Although these two web hosts make bold claims about their outstanding uptime, they do not offer compensation if there is any failure. This means that if there is downtime, the hosting service provider does not compensate for your loss. Notably, a few of the high-end hosts do offer compensation for any hosting failure.


Also known as response time, speed is the time required for your web content to load from the server. Visitors do not usually have the patience to wait endlessly for your web content to load and display. So, it would be best to have a quick response time to optimize your visitors’ experiences. In line with our GoDaddy vs. DomainRacer comparison, DomainRacer is head and shoulders above GoDaddy.

Our speed test took GoDaddy an average of over 9 seconds to fully load a website’s content. In comparison, when DomainRacer was used to load the website, it took only 3 seconds. This shows that DomainRacer is multiple times faster and more reliable than GoDaddy regarding response time. This huge difference is mainly due to the Solid State Drives (SSD), LiteSpeed technology servers, and other world-class technologies that DomainRacer has implemented for loading pages of any website hosted on the platform.

If speed is a significant factor for your requirements, Domain is the right choice.

GoDaddy vs. DomainRacer: Pricing

Another critical factor in your decision-making will be the price, as beginners won’t want to overspend on hosting. If you are an individual or own a small business, you definitely want to select a hosting service that is not expensive. Compare GoDaddy vs. DomainRacer based on their pricing below.

Pricing for GoDaddy

  • Starter – this plan costs just $3.99 per month and covers 30GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, daily backups, 24/7 support for all technical issues, and a free 1-click WordPress install. This plan is only for a single website.
  • Economy – The Economy plan features everything in the Starter plan. Some additional features with this plan include a free professional email, a free domain, and 100 GB of storage. This plan currently goes for $5.99 per month.
  • Deluxe – The Deluxe plan costs $7.99 per month and has all features of the deluxe plan. It also allows unlimited storage and unlimited websites.
  • Ultimate – This is the most advanced plan for the shared option of GoDaddy and goes for $12.99. It comes with all the features in the Deluxe plan. It also offers a free SSL certificate for 1 year and doubles the processing memory and power. The Ulitmate plan also includes Premium DNS.

Most of these prices are promotional prices and can change over time, so you may have to pay more than these prices. In addition, GoDaddy has other hosting plans for more advanced and larger enterprises.

Pricing for DomainRacer

  • Basic – This plan costs $0.99 per month and features free SSL, 1 GB of SSD storage, and 5GB of bandwidth. It is specifically meant to host a single website.
  • Personal – This second plan costs $1.49 monthly and has free SSL, unlimited SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth. The only downside with this plan is that you can only host a single website.
  • Silver – The price of the silver plan is $2.89 per month. With this plan, you get free SSL, unlimited SSD, and bandwidth, and you can host up to 3 websites.
  • Advanced – This plan costs $3.99 monthly and offers a free SSL certificate. The bandwidth, SSD, and the number of hosted websites for this plan are all unlimited. This is the perfect plan for growing businesses that need access to more hardware resources.

You must note that DomainRacer changes its plans’ prices regularly, so we recommend heading over to their website and checking out their latest pricing. Therefore, the costs may differ when you sign up for their hosting plans. Similarly, there are more advanced hosting packages for large businesses and resellers. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on any shared hosting plan you want to buy from DomainRacer.

GoDaddy vs. DomainRacer: Security

Whether you intend to use your website for commercial or personal purposes, you should always consider the security features offered by the hosting company you intend to use. Luckily, many web hosts focus on guaranteeing the topmost security for their users. One of the most critical security features available today is SSL certificates, which should be offered by any provider you select. SSL certificates are also crucial for SEO, as Google now considers them a significant ranking factor.

Irrespective of the plans that you are using, DomainRacer provides all users with a free SSL certificate. Therefore, your security is guaranteed as long as you have bought any of the plans of DomainRacer. GoDaddy only includes a free SSL certificate with the Ultimate plan. Also, the certificates are only for a year. If you buy SSL certificates for a single website, the cost starts at $99.99 annually. However, if you want to use your SSL certificates for many websites and subdomains, the starting price for such certificates is $295.99 per year.

GoDaddy vs. DomainRacer: Technical and Customer support

No matter how excellent the services and features of web hosting providers are, you will encounter issues or need some form of assistance over time. So, these web hosting companies usually have a team of experts who are always available to assist you. 

DomainRacer has an excellent support team if you ever need to contact them. Their 24/7 support is available via ticket, live chat, or phone call. Whichever method you use to contact DomainRacer for technical assistance, you can be confident that the technicians will respond to your needs quickly. Overall, DomainRacer has a commendable customer and technical support team.

GoDaddy is also great in this regard. In fact, it is hard to decide which of these two web hosts has the better technical team to handle their customers’ problems expertly. You can also contact the technical team of GoDaddy via phone, live chat, or ticket feature. However, if you’re making a phone call to speak to their technicians, you may experience a problem. This is because you may be kept waiting for some minutes before someone answers you. Apart from this, the customer support of GoDaddy is also impeccable.

The Verdict: There Is A Clear Winner In This One

If you have been following our debate between GoDaddy and DomainRacer to determine which hosting company is best overall, you likely already know which one is superior. Without mincing words, DomainRacer is better than GoDaddy regarding hosting service. Considering the pricing, features, uptime, speed, free SSL certificates for all plans, and other aspects, you will agree that DomainRacer is the clear favorite among these two. 

GoDaddy has been excelling as a domain name registrar; however, its hosting service is still slightly behind DomainRacer. There are still loads of improvements that must be implemented to compete favorably with other leading web hosting service providers.

In conclusion, if you need a cheap, reliable, and highly functional web hosting service provider, DomainRacer is an excellent option for you, and we highly recommend them.

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