NameHero vs. Cloudways: Who Offers Better Hosting?

If you’re trying to decide between Namehero and Cloudways as your hosting provider, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll compare Namehero vs. Cloudways in terms of features, performance, security, and more. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you should have a good idea of which provider is the best fit for your needs.

Namehero Overview

Namehero is a web hosting company that was founded in 2015. The company is based in the United States and provides various hosting services, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. Namehero also offers a wide range of features, such as unlimited storage and bandwidth, free SSL certificates, and free website migrations.

With a strong emphasis on customer service, Namehero provides the following:

  • Live chat support that is available around the clock.
  • Phone support.
  • A knowledge base with hundreds of articles.

The company also has an uptime guarantee of 99.99%, which means that your website will be accessible to visitors most of the time.

Namehero is a great option for those looking for reliable hosting services with excellent customer support. However, the company’s prices are higher than other providers.

Pros Of Namehero

Namehero has a lot to offer its customers, especially hosting WordPress websites. Some benefits of using Namehero include the following:

  • As a managed WordPress hosting company, Namehero will handle all the technical facets of maintaining your WordPress website on your behalf. This entails updating your WordPress software regularly, creating a backup of your website, and adding security features to protect it from hackers.
  • Namehero offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space on all plans, which is perfect if you have a lot of content or traffic coming to your website.
  • They have fast servers with SSD storage, which can help improve the speed and performance of your website.
  • Namehero provides free SSL certificates and malware scanning/removal on all plans, which can help keep your site secure from hackers.
  • They offer 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, and email, so you can always get help if you need it.

Cons Of Namehero

Currently, Namehero only has data centers in the United States and Europe. This could be a problem if you’re targeting visitors from other parts of the world, as they may experience longer loading times due to the distance their data has to travel.

While Namehero offers 24/7 customer support, some users have complained that the support quality isn’t always consistent. In particular, some users have said that it can be challenging to get in touch with a human customer support representative when you need help.

Cloudways Overview

Cloudways is a hosted cloud service provider that provides its clients with an easy way to manage their web hosting needs. With Cloudways, users can choose from various cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, and Vultr. Cloudways offers many features and tools to help users manage their hosting environment, including a user-friendly control panel, one-click app installation, and 24/7 customer support.

Pros Of Cloudways

For those seeking adaptability and scalability, Cloudways is a fantastic hosting company. With Cloudways, you can choose from various cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, and Vultr. As your website’s traffic increases, you can easily scale it.

Another advantage of Cloudways is that it offers a wide range of features. For example, you can choose various caching plugins, including Varnish, Redis, and Memcached. There are also WordPress caching plugins that you can use with Cloudways, such as WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache. You can also use Cloudways’ free CDN solution called Breeze to speed up the delivery of your content to visitors around the world. According to the Cloudways website, their CDN solution is the recommended choice.

Finally, Cloudways offers excellent customer support. You can contact the support team 24/7 via live chat or email. The team is always happy to help you with any problems you may be having.

Cons Of Cloudways

Cloudways has a few cons that are worth mentioning:

  1. They do not offer a free domain as Namehero does, and you will have to purchase your domain separately, adding an extra cost to your hosting bill.
  2. Cloudways does not offer email hosting, so you must use a third-party service.
  3. We found a lack of community support compared to some other providers. It can be slightly frustrating if you need quick access to information without contacting their customer support team.

Namehero vs. Cloudways: Features

Both Namehero and Cloudways offer a wide range of features to their customers. However, you should know some critical differences between the two companies before deciding.

Namehero offers a wide range of hosting plans, including shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated plans. They also provide a variety of add-ons, such as SSL certificates and domain privacy protection. In addition, all of their plans come with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Cloudways, on the other hand, specializes in cloud hosting, and their plans start at $10/month and offer a managed service for an additional fee. They also have many integrations, including WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla.

Namehero vs. Cloudways: Performance

When it comes to web hosting, performance is vital, and you want your website to load quickly and smoothly without interruptions or downtime. So, how do Namehero and Cloudways stack up in terms of performance?

Namehero is a reliable web hosting provider with a strong focus on performance. Their servers are fast and stable and offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In addition, they use advanced caching technologies to ensure that your website loads quickly and efficiently.

Cloudways is also an excellent option for those looking for high-performance web hosting. Their platform is built on top of some of the world’s most powerful cloud infrastructure providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and DigitalOcean. This gives them the ability to offer exceptional performance, scalability, and security.

In terms of performance, they both offer excellent uptime and speed, so we wouldn’t necessarily say one is better than the other. You can rely on both of them to deliver superior performance levels, whichever provider you choose.

Namehero vs. Cloudways: Security

Namehero and Cloudways are both excellent choices when it comes to hosting providers. But which one is better in terms of security?

Namehero offers a few different security features, including free SSL certificates, daily backups, and malware scanning. You can also enable Two-Factor Authentication from within the cPanel for added security. Their security team monitors their servers 24/7. Cloudways offers several security features, including free SSL certificates, daily backups, and malware scanning. Cloudways’ dedicated security team also monitors its servers 24/7. In addition, they offer two-factor authentication and firewalls to further protect your website.

So, which hosting provider is more secure? Both Namehero and Cloudways offer excellent security features. However, Cloudways goes above and beyond with its dedicated firewalls. Therefore, we would have to give the edge to Cloudways in this round. However, they are both secure web host providers.

Namehero vs. Cloudways: Datacenter Locations

Namehero and Cloudways both offer a variety of data center locations around the world. Namehero has data centers in the United States, Europe, and the Netherlands, while Cloudways has 65+ data centers worldwide, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Both companies offer a variety of data center locations to choose from, so it really comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking for the most data center locations to choose from, Cloudways is the way to go. 

Namehero vs. Cloudways: Ease Of Use

CloudWays is one application that makes it easy to apply cloud computing technology to your site without worrying about technical knowledge. You can start utilizing cloud computing technology with just a few simple steps. No prior server or software installation experience is necessary; you only need to choose the hosting package type and select the amount of resources you want to allocate. After that, you can easily access your website via the internet.

You’ll see your newly created website online as soon as you’re done setting up your account. If you’ve already set up your domain name, you’ll find it listed under “My Sites.” From there, you can manage everything related to your website, including the look and feel, the plugins, and the theme. You can add new themes, change existing ones, delete them, and switch among different themes whenever you like.

You can also upload files to your website, edit posts, control comments, and more. When ready, you can publish your post and send invitations to friends and family members. You can customize your blog’s appearance, including changing colors, fonts, and backgrounds.

The best part about CloudWays is that it offers a free trial. This gives you complete flexibility to try out the cloud computing technology without spending money. In fact, you can test the entire process without paying a single cent.

The NameHero platform has an excellent user interface. The tutorials are straightforward to follow. The customer service representatives are helpful and make it possible to eliminate doubts about the product.

Namehero has a clean and easy-to-use interface, which provides an excellent user experience. When combined with LiveChat, it draws many users because it offers instant support.

When a new user enters the system, it’s highly effective at helping them get started. It provides free content and tools and offers recommendations to help optimize your experience even more.

The most significant advantage of choosing Cloudways over NameHero is its ease of use. As mentioned earlier, Cloudways allows you to choose from several different packages depending on what exactly you want to do with your site. You can easily add domains and subdomains, install apps, and manage multiple sites. This occurs within the same dashboard, making it easy to set up and maintain.

Namehero vs. Cloudways: Customer Support

Namehero and Cloudways both offer excellent customer support. Namehero offers 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support and a comprehensive knowledge base, while Cloudways provides 24/7 live chat and email support and a robust ticketing system. Both companies have knowledgeable and helpful staff who quickly respond to questions and resolve issues.

Namehero vs. Cloudways: Migrations

Namehero and Cloudways offer free migrations for first-time users, making switching over from another provider more seamless and hassle-free.

The simplicity of the migration process is an additional important factor. Namehero’s migration process is relatively straightforward, and Cloudways’s process is also simple. However, Cloudways offers a few extra features that make it even easier to migrate your websites, such as the ability to migrate multiple websites at once and the ability to migrate from one server to another.

The cost of migrating your website should also be a factor. Namehero migrations are always free. With Cloudways, your first migration is free, and after that, it costs $25 per migration.

Namehero vs. Cloudways: Backup Solutions

Cloudways offers one-click recovery and daily backups. The one-click recovery option allows you to recover your site within minutes without worrying about anything else. To restore your website, you simply log into your account, select the type of recovery you want to carry out and choose a date and time.

The second part of the process involves setting up automatic backups. This feature enables you to schedule your backups to occur every day, every week, or even every month, depending on how often you want to do backups.

You can also use the built-in migration tool to move your website to another hosting provider. If you switch web hosts, migrating your site is easy because you don’t have to download files manually; you can upload them directly via FTP.

With the NameHero platform, you can quickly restore your website if anything happens to it. You do not have to worry about losing your important data because the NameHero platform automatically backs up your site daily.

You can also use the NameHero platform to back up your entire server. This way, you can recover emails, databases, subdomains, etc.

NameHero offers you the best solution for backing up your web space. This is done automatically every day at midnight, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Keep in mind your website’s usage to ensure it doesn’t exceed 20GB, as they will start charging you $1.99 per 5GB of backup space if it exceeds this limit.

You can restore your entire domain name, including subdomains. Your email accounts are backed up too. Also, you can restore your database and even individual files.

Because Cloudways is free and doesn’t charge additional costs for backing up your data, we would have to give the edge to Cloudways in this round. 

Namehero vs. Cloudways: Which Company Is More Trustworthy?

When selecting a web hosting provider, one of the most important factors to consider is trustworthiness. After all, you’re entrusting your website to this company, and you want to be sure that it will be in good hands. So, which is more trustworthy – Namehero or Cloudways?

To start with, let’s look at each company’s history. Namehero was founded in 2015, while Cloudways has been around since 2011. Cloudways has a slight advantage in terms of experience, but both companies are relatively new in comparison to some of the other big names in web hosting.

Next, let’s look at customer reviews. On Trustpilot, Namehero has a 4.6/5 rating based on over 894 reviews, while Cloudways has a 4.6/5 rating based on over 1,471 reviews. Both companies have mostly positive reviews, but Cloudways comes out slightly ahead here.

Finally, let’s look at each company’s uptime guarantee. Namehero offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, while Cloudways offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. This means that with either company, you can be confident that your website will be up and running most of the time, though Cloudways is slightly more reliable in this regard.

So overall, which company is more trustworthy? Based on the factors we’ve looked at – history, customer reviews, and uptime guarantee – it seems that Cloudways is the slightly more trustworthy option between the two.

Namehero vs. Cloudways: Pricing

Cloudways and NameHero are excellent choices for individuals looking for a cost-effective way to make their site accessible online. Both companies offer similar types of hosting plans. However, there are significant differences in how each one works. So let’s examine pricing and features in more detail to determine which choice might be the most suitable for you.

Cloudways offers monthly billing with no annual contract. This makes it easy to try the service without committing yourself to anything, and you can cancel anytime without penalties. Also, Cloudways offers a 3-day trial without a credit card, allowing you to experiment with the platform before committing. 

NameHero is a different story. They offer monthly billing with a one-year minimum commitment. To qualify for their discounted price, you must commit to a 1-3 year payment plan. If you decide to cancel your subscription early, you are charged a prorated amount based on how much time you have left. In addition, there is a renewal fee every year. There are also no trial periods with Namehero.

Breeze vs. LiteSpeed Cache

Breeze is a proprietary WordPress caching plugin designed by Cloudways to speed up your website. It does this by caching static files and eliminating unnecessary requests to the server. Breeze comes free with all Cloudways hosting plans.

Namehero has its own equivalent caching plugin called LiteSpeed Cache. Like Breeze, it speeds up your website by caching static files and eliminating unnecessary requests to the server. LiteSpeed Cache includes GZIP compression and minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. In addition, LiteSpeed Cache can be used to cache pages and posts in memory or on disk, which can further improve website performance.

So, which plugin is better? Breeze or LiteSpeed Cache? Both plugins are effective at speeding up WordPress websites. However, LiteSpeed Cache has more features than Breeze, making it the better choice for most users.

Redis + Memcached Object Caching Is Available On Both Hosts.

Redis is a popular open-source database system designed to handle high volumes of data quickly and reliably. It supports many different types of storage engines, including memory-based databases like B-trees and hash tables. For those familiar with SQL, it works similarly to a key/value store.

Memcached is another popular open-source distributed cache server. It provides a simple API for storing arbitrary amounts of data in RAM, allowing you to implement caches without worrying about scaling out across multiple servers.

Cloudways recently announced that it had integrated Object Cache Pro into its cloud hosting platform. This integration makes it easier for customers to use object caching solutions such as Redis and Memcached.

NameHero offers several ways to integrate Redis and Memcached. One way is to add the LiteSpeed Cache plugin to enable caching on either Redis or Memcached. Another option is to activate the Redis add-on under Settings & Packages in the dashboard. Then, in the Manage Services section, choose Cache→Object→Enable Redis. Finally, you can use the Redis+Memcached add-on. In the Manage Services section of the dashboard, select Cache→Object→Enable Memcached.

Cloudways CDN (StackPath) vs. (Namehero)

Cloudways offers a content delivery network (CDN) service through its partnership with StackPath. This service is available to all customers on the Cloudways platform, and there is no additional charge for using it. The Cloudways CDN is powered by StackPath’s global network of edge servers in over 60 countries. This ensures that your website’s content is delivered quickly and reliably to visitors no matter where they are located. is a CDN service offered by Namehero. has a global network of edge servers that are located in over 30 countries around the world. This ensures that your website’s content is delivered quickly and reliably to visitors no matter where they are located.

From our testing, we have found to be more reliable and keep your website running optimally. Many users have reported issues using StackPath, which is why we would definitely side with Namehero’s CDN in this section.

Namehero Offers Email Hosting, And Cloudways Doesn’t

Email hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to use their own domain names when sending and receiving emails. This can be a more professional way to communicate and help keep your inbox organized.

Namehero allows you to create unlimited email accounts with any hosting plan. This can be critical when determining which hosting provider to go with. 

Cloudways does not offer email hosting plans. You’ll need to set up an account with a third-party provider like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to use your own custom email addresses.

What Are The Similarities Between Namehero And Cloudways?

Both Namehero and Cloudways are great web hosting providers that offer a variety of features to their customers. However, you should know some critical similarities between the two before deciding.

First, both Namehero and Cloudways offer managed WordPress hosting plans. This means that they will take care of all the technical aspects of running your WordPress site for you, so you can focus on creating content and growing your business.

Second, both providers offer a wide range of features and tools to help you build and manage your website. For example, Namehero and Cloudways provide free SSL certificates, which are essential for securing your website and protecting your visitors’ data.

Third, Namehero and Cloudways have excellent customer support teams available 24/7 to help you with any issues you may have. And finally, both providers offer a money-back guarantee, so you can try them out without risk.

Finally, they offer excellent performance, which can benefit your website in search engines, as Google loves websites that load fast.

Closing Words

Whichever platform you choose, they are great options to go with, and we recommend either one of them. They both have excellent performance and security options for hosting your website. If we were to pick a winner, however, we would have to choose Cloudways as they are a more reputable company with a bigger customer base. If you are a small, medium, or even a large business, we recommend going with Cloudways, as their pricing options are much more flexible. If you’re also a blogger looking for a cost-effective way to get your website online with a hosting provider that also allows for scalability, then we recommend Cloudways. 


Is Cloudways better than SiteGround?

This question has no simple answer because it is dependent on numerous factors, including your specific needs and requirements. However, in general, Cloudways is a more powerful and flexible platform than SiteGround, offering a more comprehensive range of features and options.

Which server is best in Cloudways

This, once again, is dependent on your specific needs and requirements. However, we recommend the DigitalOcean server for most users as it offers good performance and reliability at a reasonable price. 

Which Is The Fastest Host For WordPress?

This question lacks a clear answer because it depends on several variables, including your WordPress configuration, plugins, and overall website setup. However, in general, we find that Cloudways is one of the fastest hosts for WordPress websites.

Is Namehero Worth It?

We believe Namehero is an excellent value hosting provider with solid performance and uptime. They are the ideal choice for those searching for an affordable yet dependable web host because they provide a wide range of features and plans to suit the needs of most users.

What Is The Cheapest Namehero Package?

The cheapest web hosting package on Namehero is the Starter Cloud plan which costs only $2.15/month. Remember that this plan allows you to host only 1 website and 1GB of RAM. This plan is best suited for beginners or personal websites.

Which Platform Is Easier To Use?

Namehero and Cloudways are easy to use, but Cloudways is slightly more straightforward thanks to its user-friendly control panel and one-click installation process.

Which Web hosting provider has better performance?

When it comes to performance, both Namehero and Cloudways are excellent choices. However, Cloudways is slightly faster than Namehero, with an average page load time of around 1 second. This can make a big difference for sites that receive a lot of traffic or have complex pages.

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