Bluehost vs. iPage: Which Hosting Provider Should You Choose?

Do you have plans to start a blog, website, etc.? If yes, having a great web hosting solution is one of the most important things you must consider. This is because your web hosting plan will go a long way in determining whether your users can access your platform any time they want or not. Also, it provides you some forms of security that ensure that your online data is safe. However, selecting a particular web hosting provider is usually challenging because many are available today. But don’t get worked up over this, as this post is dedicated to comparing two of the most versatile, reliable, and exceptional web hosting solutions.

This Bluehost vs. iPage comparison will offer you the overview, hosting plans, uptime, speed, security measures, pricing, money-back guarantee, and other notable features of each web hosting service provider. So, take the time to read this review.

Bluehost vs. iPage – Basic things to know about each solution

Bluehost is undoubtedly one of the leading hosting service solutions you can get anywhere worldwide. This platform is owned by a company known as Endurance International Group. It provides fantastic features that can hardly be matched by most other hosting providers with similar pricing policies. Since has officially recommended this provider, you can rest assured that it works seamlessly for hosting blogs on WordPress.

It is worthwhile to note that Bluehost began operation in 1996. Over the past 20 years, it has grown to become a hosting solution used by millions of websites in different countries worldwide. Bluehost provides its users with several types of hosting plans. The most notable of these plans is its cheap shared hosting plan. Also, most hosting plans of this platform are more affordable than some of the alternatives in the market.

Although iPage may not have the same popularity or number of users as Bluehost, this web hosting provider also provides several excellent features that will ease the process of hosting your blog or website. Endurance International Group, which owns Bluehost, is also the owner of iPage. This hosting solution was established in 1998; hence, it has served different internet users’ needs for more than 20 years. Currently, this platform hosts more than one million sites.

Furthermore, iPage has two world-class data centers in the United States of America and delivers quality web hosting services to different users anywhere around the globe. The main catch about iPage is its super-cheap offers. In addition to its affordability, iPage also wins the heart of many users with its reliability and good speed. Therefore, you get a lot of perks for cheap when using the services of this web hosting service provider.

Bluehost vs. iPage – Ease of use

Of course, one of the most essential qualities of a great web hosting solution is the ease of use. Fortunately, Bluehost and iPage are fantastic in this regard, as they are easy to use. In fact, you do not need any technical know-how or experience to get started with them.

Let’s start with Bluehost. Foremost, irrespective of the hosting plans that you have subscribed to, Bluehost gives you access to a fantastic cPanel. This is the customized control panel that affords you the opportunity to manage the resources of your website and hosting provider. This cPanel is designed so that you can quickly master how it works and start managing your blog or website from there. Likewise, Bluehost gives you a revamped dashboard that is basically meant to provide your users an unforgettable experience. Also, this dashboard ensures you will have little or no trouble launching your site.

Bluehost also boasts of having a particular feature called a 1-click WordPress installer. This installer’s primary function is to ensure that you can set up your WordPress website easily and quickly. Bluehost’s spectacular features make life easier and more enjoyable for users.

Although iPage is also easy to use, it differs slightly from Bluehost. This difference lies in the fact that iPage does not come with cPanel. That is, iPage does not have a personalized control panel that looks like that of Bluehost or other popular web hosting sites. However, they have a unique control panel that is named vDeck. While vDeck also provides you with exceptional features that ease the use of the services of this hosting service provider, it is not the same as cPanel. So, if you are already used to cPanel, you may need some periods to get used to how this works.

iPage also features a 1-click WordPress installer. This means you do not have to go through any rigorous or time-consuming process before installing your WordPress site. Similarly, all the hosting packages of this web hosting service provider come with a basic drag-and-drop builder. This builder allows you to build your website quickly by similar dragging some default features and dropping them on your website to build a website. With this feature, you can save a lot of money as you do not have to hire a web developer to help you develop your site.

Overall, when it comes to ease of use, both Bluehost and iPage are good. But the lack of the standard cPanel in iPage may make it difficult for some users to start using this service provider. Therefore, Bluehost seems to be better in this regard.

Bluehost vs. iPage – Uptime

Apart from ease of use, you must also consider the uptime guarantee. Generally, the uptime guarantee is about how often your website will be accessible on the internet. You must understand that if a web hosting provider goes down, your business may be at the losing end. Some disadvantages of hosting downtime include loss of traffic and trust, as your customers will feel you are not worthy of being relied on. This can also make your site look unprofessional and not committed to taking care of the users’ needs. All these will lead to a loss of money on your part.

Bluehost has a reliable uptime, and this platform claims to provide you with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. In the real sense, your website will always be available on the internet. Though some users noted that the 99.9% uptime guarantee claimed by the provider may be farfetched, you can genuinely rely on Bluehost for dependable uptime.

Sadly, if Bluehost experiences any downtime, the web hosting provider will not give you any special credits as compensation. Nevertheless, you have the choice of canceling your plan if you feel that the uptime guarantee is not good enough. You can also do the same thing for other reasons. Whatever your reasons are, you are not going to pay cancelation fees. Similarly, the platform will give you a prorated refund for the remaining part of your hosting package that you have not used.

In comparison, iPage has an excellent uptime guarantee that is claimed to be 99.9%, and this guarantee is available for all plans. Many users have claimed that iPage has an excellent uptime of over 95%, irrespective of the time of the day. In most months, websites hosted with iPage do not experience any downtime.

However, there is no information about the compensation you can get from iPage if there is downtime. Also, the site does not specify the actions you can take if you have issues with downtime and want to cancel. Nevertheless, since the hosting service of iPage has excellent uptime, this may never be a problem for you.

Bluehost vs. iPage – Speed

The web hosting solution must have a good load speed for your website or blog to load quickly whenever a user is on it. The loading speed is one of the most vital factors that can determine the success of your website. Notably, the load speed of Bluehost is good, as its average load speed is estimated to be 398ms. So, it is faster than most other hosting service providers.

On the other hand, the average load speed of iPage is around 386ms. Therefore, it is fast enough to load on time before your readers lose their patience and go to other websites. 

It is worthwhile to understand that the location where a reader is browsing may play a critical role in determining the load speed for any website. However, since both iPage and Bluehost only have servers in the US, they may not perform well if a reader is browsing from a far distance. So, if most of your target readers are staying in China, Japan, or other countries far away from the US, Bluehost or iPage is not a good choice for you. In other words, look for a hosting service provider with a server located within your target audience’s region.

Bluehost vs. iPage – Overview of features

Generally, the overall features of both Bluehost and iPage are similar. These website hosting service providers are great for your online presence, irrespective of your budget or business size. Also, they provide cheap hosting services for small businesses and a world-class dedicated server for organizations that need top-of-the-range hosting services to deal with their large traffic.

Some of the basic features of these platforms include:

  • A free domain name
  • One-click installer
  • Free SSL
  • Cheap hosting solutions

Nevertheless, iPage tends to be better than its rival because of the availability of some features, such as a free drag-and-drop builder. Also, when you are using iPage, you are entitled to free ad credits valued at around $200. You will not get any of these features from Bluehost. Although there is only one shared hosting plan on iPage, the plan makes it possible for users to host unlimited sites. 

In summary, you will get better features from iPage, which is why this web hosting provider wins this round by some good points.

Bluehost vs. iPage – Major hosting plans

Now, let’s take a look at the hosting plans of Bluehost and iPage.

Both providers offer affordable shared hosting plans. Bluehost’s shared hosting plans start at $2.95 per month, and you are offered a storage space of 10 GB. The bandwidth is unlimited, but the downside is that you can only host one domain on this cheap plan.

The shared hosting plan of iPage starts at just $1.99 per month and enables you to host unlimited domains. In other words, you can host as many domains as you want with this cheap hosting plan. You also get unlimited emails and unlimited storage. However, the bandwidth is scalable. Note that the renewal cost for both platforms increases after the first year.

  • VPS hosting plans

With Bluehost, you only get a storage space of 30 GB. Bluehost comes with 2 GB of RAM; however, you cannot host more than one domain. Furthermore, the bandwidth of Bluehost is unlimited for the VPS hosting plan. Comparatively, the VPS hosting plan of iPage gives each user a storage space of 40 GB and RAM of just 1 GB. The bandwidth of the iPage VPS hosting plan is pegged at 1TB, which makes it fall a bit behind what Bluehost offers. These two companies provide these VPS hosting plans at the same price.

Without a doubt, Bluehost’s unlimited bandwidth, as well as the 2 GB RAM, gives it an advantage over iPage.

  • Dedicated servers

Notably, dedicated servers are for those needing special servers to handle their daily traffic. Both iPage and Bluehost give their users the same features that can help them maximize their online presence. These similar features include 500 GB of storage space, 4 GB of RAM, and bandwidth that is worth 5TB.

The main difference in their dedicated server plans is the price. While Bluehost offers its dedicated server for just $79.99 per month, iPage charges each customer as much as $119.9. This significant price difference gives Bluehost a noticeable edge over iPage.

Bluehost vs. iPage – WordPress features

If you are a new blogger, WordPress will probably be your primary concern. In this regard, Bluehost should be at the top of your list. It should be remembered that Bluehost is recommended by WordPress, so you can be confident of enjoying some of the best WordPress features via Bluehost.

Notably, Bluehost has a WordPress interface that is designed to ensure that users can operate their WordPress site easily and quickly. You should bear in mind that the simplicity of the use of Bluehost does not lower how functional this hosting service is. The crucial drawback is that you may not be able to personalize your WordPress hosting service on Bluehost like you would have enjoyed on other hosting providers.

A few of the features of Bluehost’s WordPress plans are:

  • Integrated W3 caching
  • SiteLock security
  • Content data network (CDN)

If pricing and ease of use are your primary targets in a WordPress hosting provider, iPage should be one of your foremost options. This platform offers several exceptional features that will make your WordPress experience pleasurable and smooth. Nonetheless, you have to note that the WordPress services of Bluehost are more reliable, robust, and faster than what you will get from iPage.

Some of the features of iPage’s WordPress services are:

  • A lot of WordPress themes are selected and optimized for excellent performance
  • SSD security that guarantees unlimited email accounts and bandwidth

In terms of WordPress services, this Bluehost vs. iPage clearly shows that Bluehost is the most excellent option you can choose. This should not be a surprise, as WordPress has recommended Bluehost, not iPage.

Bluehost vs. iPage – Web page builder

Are you ready to spend a lot of money on developing your website? Or do you prefer a cheaper and more affordable alternative that allows you to build your website on your own? You must answer these important questions before selecting any web hosting service provider. Both Bluehost and iPage want to make the process of setting up a website easier for their users. Hence, they have a simple site-building process that even novices can use to build their websites.

Bluehost has a particular web-building model that allows you to quickly launch any new products or items you want on your web page without much hassle. This web hosting provider also provides each user with a dedicated support team that will take you through the whole of creating your website within some minutes or hours. With this tremendous benefit, you may not have to hire a developer.

Similarly, iPage comes with a unique drag-and-drop system that allows one to build a nice website within a few minutes. This system features several lovely templates that are easy to use for anyone. These templates also have appealing fonts, colors, and schemes that you can personalize to suit the themes of your business or your preference. In addition, if you want to add different forms like contacts, comments, RSVPs, and so on to your website, you can do that easily with the iPage drag-and-drop system.

Undoubtedly, these two web hosting platforms have first-rate web page builders, but iPage offers more than Bluehost in this aspect. This is partly due to the simplicity, quality, and richness of the features of the web page builder of iPage.

Bluehost vs. iPage – Security measures

Since you will be running your website daily, you will likely encounter different malware and other malicious threats on the internet. So, you must select a web hosting service provider with excellent security measures to protect its users. Also, security should cover data loss due to threats or accidents. In this regard, every hosting solution offers some level of protection, and Bluehost and iPage are no exception.

Bluehost gives you some basic security features like other platforms. It has different security protocols for SiteLock to protect your website. You will also get constant scans to detect and eliminate malware and viruses. In addition, Bluehost helps you back up your data automatically from time to time. However, this platform does not have a specific schedule for the backup, so it can sometimes be challenging to stay up to date with the last time your data was backed up.

Furthermore, Bluehost has made it clear that it is not responsible for any data loss you may experience if you do not back up your data. Therefore, you cannot rely on this hosting service provider to do the backup for you, and you must back up your data manually daily to prevent data loss. While this is a disadvantage, Bluehost provides a couple of videos that can show you everything you need to do to back up your data daily or restore your site whenever you need to.

Moreover, Bluehost can service the needs of its users through its access to the following:

  • 24/7 power supply, with additional diesel generators, if anything goes wrong with the power supply
  • Dual quad-core processors that guarantee top speed
  • 24/7 tracking and monitoring of its services by professionals

iPage provides daily scans to eliminate malware and virus. There is also a daily spam scan to help you deal with spam. Though this web hosting solution offers you daily backups, it does not come for free. You have to pay a small fee to enjoy the service. However, the value of this daily backup is worth more than the token you have to pay. But if you want to do your backup manually, iPage does not stop you from doing so. Similarly, this provider can automatically back up your website for free.

If the system of iPage fails, they will automatically back up your website. This is their way of protecting you from losing your data. Extra features of iPage you should look out for are:

  • 24/7 power supply that prevents data loss
  • Strong encryption software
  • Powerful firewalls
  • Reliable database lockdowns
  • Availability of support staff 24/7 to deal with all security issues and monitor the network
  • Additional security measures through SiteLock

Basically, this aspect of our Bluehost vs. iPage shows that both solutions are reliable because they prioritize the security of your data. Due to the daily backup option available on the iPage platform, you may want to consider iPage ahead of Bluehost if you think you may not be able to back up your data daily.

Bluehost vs. iPage – Pricing

Unless you have a big budget, pricing will be a worthy consideration when choosing a web hosting solution. Well, both of these platforms have affordable prices for their different hosting plans.


  • Shared hosting plan – $2.75 per month
  • WordPress hosting plan – $2.75 per month
  • VPS hosting plan – $19.99 per month
  • Dedicated server hosting plan – $79.99 per month


  • Shared hosting plan – $1.99 per month
  • WordPress hosting plan – $3.75 per month
  • VPS hosting plan – $19.99 per month
  • Dedicated server hosting plan – $119.99 per month

Comparing Bluehost vs. iPage in terms of pricing is a bit tricky. This is because, for the shared hosting plan (the entry-level package), iPage wins the competition as it is relatively cheaper than its counterpart. Also, their VPS hosting plans are priced at the same amount. However, this is where it ends because Bluehost’s WordPress and dedicated hosting plans are cheaper than what you get from iPage. 

So, if you are looking for a cheap entry-level web hosting platform, iPage can be your first choice among these two. However, if you want something more reliable such as VPS, WordPress, and Dedicated hosting solutions, Bluehost is definitely better. Overall, Bluehost offers the best pricing when you consider it from a broader perspective.

Bluehost vs. iPage – Money-back guarantee

Regardless of the quality of the service that a web hosting provider is giving you, there is a possibility that you may not be satisfied with their offers. And this is where a money-back guarantee comes into the picture. Bluehost and iPage give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the level of service you are getting from any of them, you should cancel the plan within 30 days to get a full refund of your money.

For iPage, if you cancel after the 30-day period has ended, the platform will give you value that is worth 30 or 60 days of the money that you have paid back. In the case of Bluehost, any cancelation after 30 days will offer you a prorated refund, which means that your refund will be divided proportionally by the number of days. So, both platforms provide an exceptional money-back guarantee, and you can rest assured that your money is safe with them.

Bluehost vs. iPage – Customer support system

When you have problems with either Bluehost or iPage, you can contact their customer support team to get the needed assistance. These two platforms have a team of professionals committed to giving you the best services at all times. Both have several communication channels, so getting in touch with the support team is easy and straightforward.

Bluehost allows their customers to contact them via phone and live chat. This platform used to offer a ticket-based support system, but it was stopped to focus on phone lines and live chat. The customer care agents are generally professional and courteous when relating to the customers. However, the only problem is that if you have a serious technical issue with the services, the representative attending to you may be unable to handle the issue. So, they will have to continue transferring you until you get a specialist to handle it.

iPage provides support via chats, emails, and calls. Unlike Bluehost’s live chat, a ticket-based system is used for chats. So, if you are using live chat, you will just submit your queries and wait till a representative is available to attend to them. Nevertheless, you can use phone support to call the technical professionals directly and get quick and reliable solutions to any issue you have.

The customer support system of iPage gives you more options than Bluehost, which is a big plus for the platform.

Who can use these web hosting solutions?

Both Bluehost and iPage are meant to host various websites. But some particular businesses may enjoy using some specific solutions that others do.

If you run WordPress or other kinds of vast blog platforms, Bluehost seems to be more suitable for your basic needs. Also, Bluehost is excellent for hosting online communities and discussion forums where people interact and post comments occasionally. Small businesses, online stores, and personal/freelance sites will enjoy the packages provided by this web hosting platform.

Otherwise, you should think about using iPage if you run small business websites, blogs, and other websites that do not have a lot of demands for high performance. This is understandable because iPage’s selling point is to serve as an entry-level hosting platform that gives budget-friendly services.

Bluehost is the clear winner in this area because it can serve more websites, forums, and many more. It is also specially optimized for WordPress, so you will likely get better results for your blogs from this platform.

Bluehost And iPage – Pros and Cons

Before buying any of the plans offered by these two web hosting solutions, you will do yourself lots of good by looking at the following pros and cons.



  • Relatively cheap first-time plan

The hosting plan is relatively cheap when buying it for the first time. However, the renewal rate will increase astronomically.

  • Great uptime

The uptime of Bluehost is top-notch. With its uptime, you can be sure that your business website or blog will hardly experience any downtime throughout the year.

  • Lots of storage space

The storage from Bluehost is a lot, especially compared to other hosting platforms with similar pricing policies.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

This web hosting provider gives you unlimited bandwidth, which means that there is no limit to the amount of traffic your website can get.

  • Suitable for various sites

The hosting plans of Bluehost are generally suitable for a wide range of websites. If you are hosting WordPress or other blogs, forums, online communities, or business websites, you can count on Bluehost to provide you with excellent web hosting services.


  • Too much upsells

Bluehost comes with loads of upsells. Of course, the essence of the upsells is to allow you to get more exceptional features that can improve your website or blog. However, these upsells are so constant that they will become irritating to most users.

  • Poor support system

The service of the support team of Bluehost is below average in some instances. Also, its support channel is limited to only phone calls and live chats. Similarly, responses to your queries may be delayed in many cases, forcing you to seek assistance through other means.

  • Servers are only located in the US.

Bluehost does not have servers in any other location apart from the US. Although this may not affect some of your audience, those that come from places far away from the US may experience slowness in website speed.

  • Costly renewal rates

The renewal costs of Bluehost are too high, which will defeat the benefits of the low first-time price.

  • Poor backup solution

The backup solution of this web hosting solution is poor, and the platform does not provide a scheduled auto-backup plan. Therefore, to secure, you need to back up your data manually every day.

  • Lack of free migration options

You will have to pay an extra amount if you want to migrate from one website to another. Bluehost charges $150 for you to migrate 5 sites. Many other web hosting providers allow their users to migrate for free.



  • Cheap plans

The hosting plans of iPage are cheap. These cheap offers make this platform perfect for anyone setting up a website or blog for the first time.

  • Creation of lots of databases

This benefit ensures that you can operate your website using different programming languages. So, if you have several websites, this will make your experience seamless.

  • Regular discounted offers

Despite the cheapness of its initial offers, iPage still goes the extra mile to lower the cost of its services by providing special deals, promos, and coupons from time to time.

  • Top-quality security measures

With its reliance on a SiteLock security system, iPage prevents any form of an unauthorized security breach. In other words, your site is safe in most situations. This provider also scans your site regularly to detect and get rid of malicious content.

  • Regular auto backup of your data

This web hosting provider can back up your data daily. This platform also backs up your data on your computer daily, free of charge. If you want, you can back up your site’s data manually.

  • Good uptime

The uptime of iPage is good, especially if you consider the fact that it is cheap.

  • Good customer support system

Users can get in touch with the support team of this web host through multiple channels such as email, phone, and chat. The level of support that the team provides is okay, as most users do not complain much about their responses.


  • Costly renewal prices

The renewal prices of the hosting plans of iPage are high, and this astronomical increase makes the initial cheap first-time rate look like a marketing gimmick.

  • Downtime due to DDOS attacks

Websites hosted on iPage servers may experience downtime whenever there is a DDOS attack.

  • Soft boots on first registration

Those registering for the first time may experience a soft boot from some of the servers of this web hosting platform.

  • Mostly suitable for small business websites and blogs

Although you can use iPage for forums, online communities, and other sites that get lots of traffic, the user experience may not be as excellent as you want. So, it is best recommended for those that wish to host blogs, small business sites, and other websites with minimal traffic.

Bluehost vs. iPage – The verdict

In conclusion, of this Bluehost vs. iPage comparison, let’s consider the best platform among these two. Firstly, these two platforms offer similar packages, uptime, load speed, pricing policy, and other features, so you won’t go wrong by choosing either of them.

However, if you are new to web hosting, you may want to consider iPage ahead of Bluehost because of its cheap first-time plan. Also, iPage makes it easy for new users to set up their websites and start experiencing the platform’s features. 

Nonetheless, if you are a more experienced user who wants to host a website or online forum with lots of traffic, Bluehost will definitely serve you better than iPage. What’s more, Bluehost gives your audience a more spectacular experience that will make them want to revisit your site.

Once again, both are good, but your choice should depend on your preferences and needs.

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