Siteground vs. Squarespace: Which Is Right For You?

Do you need a website builder? Are you looking for a simple solution to create a basic site with limited features? Or do you need something more advanced?

A web hosting platform may be required for a variety of reasons. Some people just want a place to store files online, while others need a full-blown CMS system. Still, others may need a custom eCommerce platform. Whatever your needs, there are tons of choices available.

This blog post will compare Siteground vs. Squarespace across various categories, including pricing, performance, security, ease of use, and more. We hope you enjoy it!

Siteground Overview

In 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria, a web-hosting business called SiteGround was established. Since then, Siteground has grown to become one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world, with offices across the US, Europe, and Asia and more than 500,000 clients.

SiteGround offers a wide range of hosting services, from shared hosting to cloud hosting to enterprise-level solutions. It also provides a variety of domain name and email services.

SiteGround has won numerous awards over the years, including being named one of the best web hosts by PCMag and CNET.

Siteground Pros

Among The Best Customer Support In The Hosting Industry

Siteground has some of the best customer support in the hosting industry. They offer 24/7 live chat and phone support, a ticketing system, and a knowledge base. The typical wait time for live chat is under two minutes, and the typical ticket response time is under ten minutes.

SiteGround optimizer

The SiteGround Optimizer is a plugin designed to improve WordPress websites’ performance. It includes features such as caching, minification and gzip compression. The plugin is available for free to all SiteGround customers.

Custom cPanel And Ease Of Use

SiteGround uses a custom version of cPanel that is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. It includes features such as one-click installs, website backups, and email accounts. The control panel is available in over 50 languages.

Wide Selection Of Hosting Plans

SiteGround offers a wide selection of hosting plans to meet the needs of any website owner. There are plans for shared hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, cloud hosting, and Reseller hosting. All hosting plans also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

High-Speed Hosting

SiteGround uses SSD storage on all of its servers, meaning that hosted websites load faster than those on traditional hard drives. They also include a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) with all plans to further increase website speed.

Siteground Cons

Pricing Can Be Costly For Beginners

Siteground’s shared hosting plans are among the most expensive in the industry. Their cheapest plan, StartUp, costs $3.99 per month. However, this only gives you access to one website and 10 GB of storage; if you require more storage, you must upgrade to a more expensive plan.

No Free Domains For First-Time Users

Unlike some other hosting providers, Siteground does not offer a free domain for first-time users. If you’re just getting started and don’t already have a domain name, this could be an annoying expense.

Lower Plans Offer Limited Resources

Siteground’s cheaper plans are lacking in terms of hardware resources, with very little storage space and only being able to host 1 website on their most affordable plan. If your business receives more traffic or you need to host multiple websites, you will have to upgrade to their higher hosting plans.

Siteground Key Features

Easy Staging Tool

The Siteground easy staging tool allows you to create a copy of your live site with just a few clicks, so you can test out changes before making them live. This is a fantastic way to test new plugins or themes without running the risk of breaking your live website.

Out-Of-The Box Caching

Siteground provides caching at the server level, so you don’t need to install any caching plugins on your WordPress site. This can enhance the functionality and speed of your website.

Enhanced Security

Siteground takes security seriously, with features like two-factor authentication and automatic malware scanning and removal. Additionally, they provide a free SSL certificate on all their hosting plans.

Managed WordPress Installation

If you’re not comfortable installing WordPress yourself, Siteground can do it for you. They will also keep it up to date for you, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your WordPress installation up to date.

Daily Backups

Siteground automatically backs up your site daily, so you don’t have to worry about losing any data if something goes wrong. With a few clicks, you can also quickly restore your website from a backup.

Squarespace Overview

Squarespace is a well-known website builder and hosting platform that gives users a variety of options for features and templates. Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that includes everything you need to create a website, including a drag-and-drop website builder, hosting, eCommerce, and more.

Squarespace offers users various templates to choose from and powerful blogging and eCommerce features. Squarespace is an easy-to-use platform that is great for beginners and businesses of all sizes. However, Squarespace can be expensive for beginners and lacks some advanced features that more experienced users may want.

Squarespace Pros

Wide Variety Of Templates

Squarespace offers a wide variety of templates, perfect for those who want to create a professional website without hiring a web designer. There are more than 100 templates available, all of which are responsive to mobile devices.

Blogging Features

Squarespace is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a platform with great blogging features. It’s easy to use and comes with all the features you need to create a successful blog, including social media integration, comment moderation, and RSS feeds.

Great Customer Support

Customer service at Squarespace is among its best features. They offer live chat and email support options and typically respond quickly. 

It’s An All-In-One Platform

Squarespace is a one-stop shop where you can build a website, host it, and manage your domain name all in one place. With Squarespace, you don’t need to worry about using different providers and setting up different accounts, as Squarespace is an all-in-one solution. 

Ease Of Use

Squarespace is user-friendly and easy to use. You can quickly learn how to use Squarespace even if you’ve never built a website before. A website can be easily created using the platform’s drag-and-drop interface.

Squarespace Cons

No Phone Support Offered

The absence of phone support is one of the most significant disadvantages of using Squarespace. If you have an issue with your website, you must submit a ticket and wait for a response, and this can be frustrating if you are trying to resolve a problem quickly. You can also use their live chat features if you require assistance more urgently.

Pricing Can Be Expensive For Beginners

While Squarespace does offer a free trial, the monthly pricing plans can be expensive for beginners. The cheapest plan starts at $23 per month or $16 per month if paid annually, which can add up quickly if you need to use additional features or upgrade your plan.

Slow Page Speed

Another downside of using Squarespace is that the page speed can be slow. This can be frustrating for visitors to your website, as they may need to wait a while for the pages to load. Additionally, slow page speeds can impact your search engine ranking.

Limited SEO Optimization Features

Squarespace offers limited SEO optimization features, making ranking high in search engines difficult. If you want to ensure that your website is visible to potential customers, you may need to invest in additional SEO tools or services.

Siteground Shared Hosting Plans And Pricing


Siteground’s StartUp plan is one of the most popular shared hosting plans, and it is great for small websites and blogs. The StartUp plan comes with unmetered bandwidth, 10GB of web space, and a free SSL certificate, but not a free domain name for the first year. The price for the StartUp plan is $3.99 per month, then $14.99 after renewal.


The GrowBig plan is ideal for growing websites. It includes 20GB of web space, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and allows you to host unlimited websites. The price for the GrowBig plan is $6.69 per month, then $24.99 after renewal.


The GoGeek plan is perfect for high-traffic websites. It includes 40GB of web space, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, Free Private DNS, and a higher tier of resources. The price for the GoGeek plan is $10.69 per month, which will go up to its usual $39.99 after renewal.

Siteground WordPress Hosting Plans And Pricing

Siteground offers three WordPress hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. 

The most basic and ideal plan for those just getting started with WordPress is StartUp. The GrowBig plan is best for those with more experience and who need more resources, and the GoGeek plan is the most advanced and is best for those who need the most resources.

  • The StartUp plan costs $3.99 monthly and includes 10GB of storage, a free SSL certificate, and 24/7 customer support. 
  • The GrowBig plan costs $6.69 per month and includes 20GB of storage, a free SSL certificate, 24/7 customer support, and a few other features not included in the StartUp plan, such as On-Demand Backup Copies, 30% faster PHP and Staging. 
  • The GoGeek plan costs $10.69 per month and includes 40GB of storage, a free SSL certificate, 24/7 customer support, and a few other features not included in the StartUp or GrowBig plans. These features include Staging + Git, White-label Clients, Free Private DNS, the Highest Tier of Resources, and priority support.

Siteground WooCommerce Hosting Plans

WordPress websites frequently use the eCommerce platform WooCommerce. If you’re looking to start an online store, you’ll need to choose a hosting plan that supports WooCommerce. Siteground offers three WooCommerce hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

  • The most affordable and basic choice is the StartUp plan, which has a monthly starting price of $3.99. This plan is ideal for small businesses or those who are just getting started with eCommerce. It comes with the essential features to get started, including a free SSL certificate and pre-installed WooCommerce software.
  • Next is the GrowBig Plan, priced at $6.69 per month. This plan is best for medium-sized businesses or those expecting to grow their online store quickly. It includes all the features of the StartUp plan, additional storage space and bandwidth, and a few extras like On-demand Backup Copies, 30% faster PHP, and Staging.
  • The GoGeek plan is the most comprehensive option, priced at $10.69 per month. This plan is best for large businesses or those needing the highest performance level from their hosting provider. It offers the same features as the GoGeek WordPress and Shared Hosting plans in addition to even more storage space and bandwidth than the GrowBig plan does.

No matter which Siteground WooCommerce hosting plan you choose, you can be confident that your website will be fast, secure, and reliable.

Squarespace Pricing Plans


The Squarespace Personal plan is the most affordable option, costing $23 per month. This plan is best suited for individuals or small businesses just starting out with a website. It includes unlimited bandwidth and storage, a free SSL certificate, a free custom domain for one year, 24/7 customer support, and some basic e-commerce features.


The Squarespace Business plan costs $33 per month and is best suited for small businesses or entrepreneurs needing more advanced features than the Personal plan offers. It includes a free custom domain for one year, 24/7 customer support, advanced e-commerce features, and integrations with Google Apps, in addition to unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Basic Commerce

The Squarespace Basic Commerce plan costs $36 per month and best suits businesses selling products online. Along with unlimited storage and bandwidth, it offers advanced e-commerce features, abandoned cart recovery, a free custom domain for a year, 24/7 customer support, and integrations with major shipping companies.

Advanced Commerce

The Squarespace Advanced Commerce plan costs $65 per month and is best suited for businesses that need to sell products online and have high-volume sales. In addition to unlimited storage and bandwidth, it includes a free custom domain for one year, 24/7 customer support, advanced e-commerce features, abandoned cart recovery, real-time shipping quotes, automatic tax calculations, and integrations with major shipping carriers.

Siteground WooCommerce vs. Squarespace Basic Commerce

Regarding pricing, WooCommerce and Basic Commerce are both reasonably priced. However, WooCommerce is a bit less expensive than Basic Commerce. For instance, the cheapest WooCommerce plan on Siteground costs $3.99/month, while the Basic Commerce plan on Squarespace costs $36/month.

However, it’s important to note that WooCommerce offers more features than Basic Commerce. For instance, all of WooCommerce’s plans come with various features that are not included in the Squarespace Basic commerce plan. You will have to upgrade to a higher plan on Squarespace if you want access to additional features.

So, if you’re looking for the best value for your money, then WooCommerce is the better option. However, if you prefer a more all-in-one approach and prefer using website builders, then Squarespace is the better option.

Siteground vs. Squarespace: Security

Regarding website security, both Siteground and Squarespace offer several features to help keep your site safe. However, you should know some critical differences between the two platforms.

Siteground offers many features specifically designed to improve security, such as their SG Firewall and SG Auto-Fixer. In addition, they offer 24/7 support from their team of security experts.

Squarespace also offers several security features, including SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. However, they do not provide as many dedicated security features as Siteground. In addition, their customer support team is not trained explicitly in website security.

Overall, Siteground is the better option for website security. Their platform is more secure, and their customer support team is better equipped to deal with security issues.

Siteground vs. Squarespace: Ease Of Use

Siteground and Squarespace are both easy to use but have different approaches. Siteground is more focused on giving users access to a wide range of features and options, while Squarespace is more focused on simplifying the process of creating a website. This is where these platforms differ and why there is no right or wrong answer in this section. It all comes down to personal preference.

Siteground vs. Squarespace: Performance

Siteground is a bit faster than Squarespace overall. In addition, Siteground offers a free CDN with all plans, which can further improve website speed. Finally, Siteground provides an “Easy Staging Tool,” which makes it easy to test changes to your website before making them live.

Squarespace is also a fast platform but does not offer a free CDN. However, Squarespace does offer some features that can help improve website speed, such as automatic image optimization and lazy loading of images.

In terms of uptime, both Siteground and Squarespace are very reliable. Both platforms offer 99.9% uptime guarantees.

Overall, both Siteground and Squarespace are excellent choices for performance. Siteground is better if you want to get the fastest speeds possible. However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that is still fast and reliable, Squarespace is a great option.

Our Verdict: Which Platform Is Better For Which Use Case?

We believe that Siteground is the better platform for most users. It offers more features and resources than Squarespace, and its pricing is more flexible. However, there are some use cases where Squarespace may be the better choice.

If you prefer an all-in-one platform that’s easy to use, Squarespace may be a good option. However, we suggest Siteground if you’re looking for a more capable platform with more features and flexibility.

If you’re interested in eCommerce, both platforms offer good options. However, Siteground’s WooCommerce plans are generally more affordable and provide more features than Squarespace’s Basic Commerce plan. If you need a more robust eCommerce solution, we recommend Siteground.

Finally, if performance is your top priority, Siteground is the better option. Its hosting plans are faster and overall offer better performance than Squarespace.


You should now better understand Siteground and Squarespace and which platform might be right for you. 

SiteGround is the better option if you’re looking for a reliable web host. They offer unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, and free CDN, plus 24/7 support via live chat. Their prices are also lower than Squarespace’s, so you can save money hosting multiple websites. However, Squarespace has a lot going for it too. For starters, their templates are beautiful and customizable and have many features like drag-and-drop page builders and responsive layouts. Plus, they offer free custom domains, professional Google email and workspace accounts, and SSL certificates. Overall, SiteGround wins hands down. 

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